Œnorando® From vine to olive tree
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Œnorando® From vine to olive tree

Discover the Gaillac vineyards through this Œnorando.

Some winegrowers have diversified into olive growing, sometimes even converting to it, simply because they are passionate about it or because the climate is changing for the worse. However, growing olives is not the same as growing vines. This is a major challenge, because while some wine-growing land may be suitable for olive cultivation, its long-term profitability remains subject to the risk of a water shortage or the severe frost still possible in our region. It's a challenge that a few people have decided to take up, betting on a quality market, the craze for short circuits, little local competition and the revival of a somewhat forgotten method of cultivation.
The combination of trees and vines, known as agroforestry, is an ancient practice that has long shaped Mediterranean landscapes through the trilogy of olive trees, vines and wheat, and is still practised in some parts of Europe, where cherry trees, peach trees, almond trees and truffle oaks are still grown alongside vines. Trees limit climatic excesses, improve the soil and, by bringing water up from the depths to the surface, also improve water resources. They also create biodiversity, helping to combat pests by providing shelter for their natural enemies.

Nearby vineyards:
Domaine Gayrard

Nearby olive grove :
Domaine Rigaud

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Œnorando® From vine to olive tree
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