Road trip dans le Tarn
Road trip dans le Tarn

Our towns & villages

Towns, hilltop villages and bastides… Red brick buildings that mark the landscape of the Tarn, limestone villages emerging from the vineyards… It’s easy to see that the way people built and constructed here is the way the history and identity of the region has been fashioned. Discovering all of these places will take you on a real journey. Organise your trips to an ancient stronghold, a winemaking village or even a medieval square. Everywhere is full of history. And wherever you choose to visit, you’ll certainly feel each place’s unique character.

Visit our bastides and medieval towns for a stroll through history

Medieval villages appeared in the 12th century. They were organised according to three essential elements for the inhabitants: a cemetery, a church and a castle; and the whole inhabited area was protected by fortifications. The bastides were new towns, built around a central square and usually a market hall.

In Occitan Tuscany, there are many bastides and medieval towns, which will plunge you into this historical era...

Visit as many of our small towns as you can!

The small towns in Occitan Tuscany so much charm! And each in its own way... Gaillac, Lisle-sur-Tarn, Rasbastens... Which one will you fall in love with?

Our riverside villages

Along the Tarn and the Vère (a tributary of the Aveyron), charming villages have sprung up. Enjoy discovering them throughout the seasons...

Villages among the valleys and hillsides

Vineyards, stretches of forest, valleys, limestone and red bricks: this is the perfect description of the Gaillac vineyards! And nestled among all this, a few villages developed a long time ago... Andillac, Cestayrols, Cahuzac-sur-Vère are little jewels to be discovered without delay!
The plain of Tescou, near Salvagnac, Montgaillard, offers landscapes which are tinted with the seasons thanks to the harmony of its wheat fields.

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