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Paysage du vignoble gaillacois en Toscane Occitane
Paysage du vignoble gaillacois en Toscane Occitane

Occitan Tuscany in 3 ways

It's THE photo that will get you "likes" on social media, but you've also been careful not to reveal the exact location. Like a secret garden on your holiday, you take away with you the memory of this fabulous spot, captured at dawn, along with memories of your moments of calm and the feeling of all your senses vibrating during magical walks in the heart of the place known as "Little Tuscany".

circuit vélo dans les vignes à Gaillac
circuit vélo dans les vignes à Gaillac
The Wow Effect! 

A mix of colours and perspectives  

As soon as you enter Gaillac and head towards the vines, you'll notice the scenery. At all times of day it is appreciated, lit by the rising sun, flooded by blue skies or enhanced by sunset reflections. One look and you'll embrace these landscapes with their gentle valleys, just like you'll do with the wines that are made there. Among the rows of green vines, estates and villages rise up and bring light to the scenery with their gold tiles and stones. In the heart of this finely honed countryside, each walk, bike ride or horseback ride feels like a golden interlude, suffused with the well-being that is ideal for recharging your batteries.

Balade et randonnée dans la campagne autour de Gaillac, Cordes sur Ciel et cités médiévales
Balade et randonnée dans la campagne autour de Gaillac, Cordes sur Ciel et cités médiévales
In the heart of the oldest vines in France 

Walks and hikes 

On the hiking paths or trails, you will have a choice of the distance to walk, but at the same time a guarantee of relaxation. You'll walk alongside the vines and the orchards that make up a completely natural patchwork, accompanied by the music of the birds, like on the Chemin Toulze, for example. When it's time for a break, challenge your fellow-walkers to find the best umbrella pine tree to enjoy a snack in the shade. Themed hikes with wine growers are also on offer.

circuit vtt du Tarn
circuit vtt du Tarn
Criss-cross and corner 

Cycling and mountain biking

With its valleys and hilltop villages, Occitan Tuscany promises you some wonderful explorations. Mountain biking enthusiasts can choose from a wide range of routes along the hillsides, on the river banks and in the shade of the forests. The reward can be seen in the cyclists' eyes, who are touched by the charm of this place. A question that will come up often: "Shall we continue this wonderful ride or stop to enjoy this moment?"

My Destination
randonnée à cheval dans le Tarn
randonnée à cheval dans le Tarn
Gain some height

Horseriding and new views 

Are you a romantic hero, riding through the countryside, or an adventurous rider, dreaming of the Palio di Siena? However you see yourself (and your horse), Occitan Tuscany is perfect for horseriding. There are marked routes and a section of the Tour du Tarn à Cheval (Tarn Horseriding Tour) crosses the Gaillac region. You'll appreciate a moment of calm and the expansive horizon of the undulating landscapes.

Tchin !

Lovers of fine food and wine can end their outings with a moment on a terrace or by visiting a wine estate, to raise a glass of Gaillac to their day and plan the programme for the following one.

Are you ready to meet with a winegrower?

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