balade en gabarre sur le Tarn, Albi
balade en gabarre sur le Tarn, Albi

Boat cruises in a gabarre on the Tarn

On board a wooden boat that spans the ages, cruise along the Tarn river and the banks of the episcopal city of Albi. Both refreshing and interesting, the cruise is ideal for a family excursion in the summer months. Nature and culture lovers, choose your trip according to your mood!

Guaranteed relaxation

From the marina in Aiguelèze, ten minutes from Gaillac, climb on board for an excursion among nature, before returning to the famous red city. Sunny skies, birdsong and the sound of water lapping, you'll feel like a duck in water, even if you don't have sea legs, because the boat sails at a gentle, regular pace. In the afternoon, you'll be back on dry land and you can enjoy strolling in the streets of Albi, before getting back on board for the return trip! An opportunity to see new details among the flora and fauna on this natural, unspolit river.

Gliding in the water at aperitif time

As a couple or with friends, cool down in the summer with a Gaillac wine tasting on board a gabarre. Wine lovers can meet with a wine grower for a gourmet trip on the water. At the same time, you'll never tire of contemplating the wild banks of the Tarn, where nature reveals all its beauty!

Aperitif in a gabarre boat

balade en gabarre sur le Tarn, Albi
balade en gabarre sur le Tarn, Albi
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Practical information

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What's a gabarre?

A gabarre is a flat-bottomed boat which, until the early 20th century, transported goods to Bordeaux. The heritage of the community of merchants, is today maintained by enthusiasts, for the enjoyment of visitors. Authentic, and full of character, the gabarre continues to gently make its way up and down the Tarn.

Plain sailing

Other sailing options are available at the marina in Aiguelèze. The little cousins of the "gabarre", the "gabarots", which can be sailed without a licence, are sure to tempt you. You can also try hiring a vintage boat for a romantic sixties-style trip or the pontoon boat for a shared floating aperitif. There's a style for everyone, but whatever your choice, you'll create happy memories!

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