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équitation cheval balade forêt campagne randonnée
équitation cheval balade forêt campagne randonnée

Saddle up for an unforgettable horse ride

On the back of a pony, horse or donkey, trot between the bastides and the Forêt de Grésigne, right in the middle of the unspoilt countryside.

Go horseriding, your hair flying in the wind, among country houses and vineyards, undergrowth and sunflower fields

A little corner of paradise where horse whisperers work and donkeys are faithful companions, the Ferme Équestre de la Grésigne invites you on a romantic ride among the vines and sunflower fields.

At a walk, trot or gallop, breathtaking panoramas await you in the rolling vineyards of Gaillac. For artists, there's an incredible range of colours and for romantics, a collection of great spots to declare your love.

Rides can also be enjoyed as a family, with the children on the back of ponies and the adults leading them.

As far as wildlife is concerned, you may be lucky enough to spot a stag, a doe or a roe deer as you round a bend. And if you've never ridden before, there's a special package for learning the basics of horseriding.

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