Coucher de soleil sur la campagne du Tarn
Coucher de soleil sur la campagne du Tarn

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With an abundance of natural landscapes, Gaillac and its surroundings bring relaxation and serenity to those who are exploring it. Through its valleys, its picturesque villages and its plains, green and soothing spaces transform these discoveries into precious and memorable moments.

The Forests of Grésigne and Sivens

To the north-west of Albi, go on a forest excursion in the largest oak forest in southern France, the national forest of Grésigne. Scots pines and black pines adorn the landscape, which they share with the wildlife. An autumnal country walk may reveal delicious treats in the forest of Sivens: pick some mushrooms while admiring the shades of colour of the oak and chestnut leaves that adorn the forest.

Deer rutting, a unique experience

During the autumn, in the heart of the Forêt de Grésigne, you can hear the deer rutting, a unique and unforgettable experience.

Gérard Négrié
Paysage du vignoble gaillacois en Toscane Occitane
Paysage du vignoble gaillacois en Toscane Occitane
The Gaillac vineyard

With its exceptional richness, the Gaillac vineyard is the oldest in France and extends over more than 6,800 hectares. The wines of this appellation are now well-known and derive their specificity from the oceanic climate influenced by the Mediterranean atmosphere, thus offering a diversity of grape varieties.
Located on the hillsides of the region, straddling the two banks of the Tarn, the vineyard offers a splendid visual scene from sunrise to sunset, of which you can never tire.

Pierre Grand
Vallée de la Vère, village de Larroque
Vallée de la Vère, village de Larroque
The Vallée de la Vère 

With its wonderful villages offering stunning viewpoints, the Vallée de la Vère provides various unmissable stops for visitors to see the architectural features, perhaps punctuated by a swim in the summer.
Near to the National Forest of Grésigne, the village of Larroque nestled against the rock face, can be seen on the Mespel path. Then, continue to the village of Cahuzac-sur-Vère, located in the heart of the valley right in the middle of vines and hillsides. There, you'll find Château de Mauriac which faces the Château de Salettes, made into a superb hotel with a gourmet restaurant.

pique nique au bord de l'eau, Lac des Auzeral à Rabastens
pique nique au bord de l'eau, Lac des Auzeral à Rabastens
The Lakes

On the heights of Rabastens, in the direction of Grazac, the Lac des Auzerals is very popular with walkers, joggers and fishermen. It's also an ideal place for a picnic in a beautiful green setting. It is close to Lac Bellevue in Lisle-sur-Tarn where an orienteering course takes walkers and adventurers through its grassy areas.
A little further to the east, in Graulhet, the Lac de Nabeillou has an incredible population of carp! As for the Lac Miquelou, a discovery route passing by its dam allows you to explore all of its biodiversity.

Lisle sur Tarn, vue aérienne
Lisle sur Tarn, vue aérienne
Along the Tarn

The Tarn is an enchanting green setting, full of experiences that awaken the senses! Food lovers, the curious, adventurers, wine lovers, history and architecture enthusiasts will all find something to do. From the most beautiful views of the Tarn from the bridge at Rabastens, to Gaillac at the Abbaye St Michel, via the bridge at Lisle-sur-Tarn, the river has many spots to delight its visitors.
Among gardens with espalier trees, half-timbered houses, hilltop villages and Causses architecture, the Tarn shows off all its assets at once. A trip on a gabarre to Albi or an aperitif boat, the activities on offer combine conviviality and discovery.

Pierre Grand
Paysage campagne tarnaise
Paysage campagne tarnaise
The Tescou plain

Between the fortified town of Salvagnac, surrounded by agricultural hillsides, and that of Montgaillard, a mixture of meadows, valleys and crops, lies the Tescou Plain. From golden yellow to bright green, a rolling country landscape unfolds in colours worthy of an artist's palette, where hikes allow you to discover exceptional viewpoints such as at the Hauts de Maladène and the Salvagnacois.
And when it's time for a lunch break, choose delicious local and organic produce at the Café Au Bord du Monde in Salvagnac.

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