coucher de soleil sur le vignoble gaillacois
coucher de soleil sur le vignoble gaillacois

Your entry pass for exclusive events

Whether you're an experienced wine enthusiast or a lover of craft beers, imagine that your trip to the Gaillac region with your Winegrowers' Pass or Brewers' Pass could be something really out of the ordinary! If you want to have a quiet (or passionate) chat with a winegrower, around a barrel, with a tasting glass in your hand, or discover the workshop of a hop master, get your VIP pass!

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dégustation vin de Gaillac au château Lacroux à Cestayrols
dégustation vin de Gaillac au château Lacroux à Cestayrols
The "Pass Vigneron"

Vineyard visits

To explore the wine routes and the Gaillac wine estates, the Pass Vigneron (Winegrowers' Pass) promises some great discoveries! The curious and the connoisseur alike are invited to meet a passionate winegrower with the "Vignobles & Découvertes" label. The history of their estate and their thousand-year-old vines will be told, as well as the secrets of the wines that were formerly found on the tables of counts and kings of France. Vinotrip wine tour enthusiasts, come and experience this unique and fascinating encounter by pushing open the doors of an estate where tasting and conviviality go hand in hand.

How does it work? 

With the Pass Vigneron, each visitor can visit the estate of their choice from among those referenced on the list, and enjoy a visit to the winery and vineyards followed by an exclusive tasting with the winemaker. And as a souvenir of this special moment, you will receive a bottle of Gaillac from the estate.

Practical information

Option to purchase wine at the end of the visit.

Entre 2 Pôles
Brasserie artisanale du Tarn
Brasserie artisanale du Tarn
Houblon & Co

The "Pass Brasseur"

Have you ever wondered how the grain is processed to create this popular drink, shared over a pint? Enter the place where it all begins with the "Pass Brasseur" (Brewers' Pass), where the transformation of the delicious local beer happens! In the production workshop of a Gaillac craft brewery, discover the process of transforming malt and hops before tasting these authentic beverages with fruity notes and tangy touches.

How does it work? 

The "Pass Brasseur" offers you the possibility of a one-hour tour with the beer maker. Presentation of the production process, details of the malt and hops, and tasting.

Practical information

Option to purchase beer at the end of the visit.

Where can you get the passes?

The Pass Vigneron and the Pass Brasseur are available for sale in all the tourist offices as well as online, on our website!

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