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Village de Frausseilles
Village de Frausseilles

The Tarn countryside will awaken all your senses

From gourmet food to the real countryside, in the Gaillac region we appreciate the simple things in life. So as not to miss out on anything that Mother Nature has to offer, awaken all your senses, enjoy the panoramas and dance between the flavours and scents. Life is sweet when you view it in green!

vignoble de Gaillac à l'automne
vignoble de Gaillac à l'automne
“Little Tuscany" is there to be admired!

A very colourful vineyard 

Throughout the seasons, the Gaillac vineyard displays a superb patchwork of changing colours, tinged with reds and oranges in autumn, covered in a while veil during the winter and a bright green in the height of the summer. During each period of the year, the landscapes are breathtaking and the subtle scents that fill the air are reminiscent of mushroom picking in the woods or the sweet blossom of springtime.

village perché de Puycelsi, vue aérienne
village perché de Puycelsi, vue aérienne

The spectacle of our villages! 

In the Tarn, around Gaillac, you are never far away from a stunning panorama, and a "wow" moment. With its hilltop villages - Puycelsi, Cordes-sur-Ciel and many others, its valleys and expanses of forest, the countryside offers the most beautiful backdrops with a variety of geometrical views. Red bricks contrast with the green stretches of forest: between them blue skies or sunsets play the role of go-between.

Head for our medieval towns

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Dégustation de vins de Gaillac
Dégustation de vins de Gaillac
“Little Tuscany”, smell it and taste it! 

Wine and its flavours 

Zoom in on the Gaillac vineyard: it reveals passionate people at work, cherishing the wines made from indigenous grape varieties. With a glass in your hand and nectar in your mouth, savour the moment. When tasted, the wine evokes a walk through the rows of vines at harvest time, smoky wood, or berry aromas.

Meet top winegrowers

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Pique nique dans les vignes de Gaillac
Pique nique dans les vignes de Gaillac

The meal is served! 

During a trip to the countryside, take a rug from your boot and spread it on the ground to herald a gourmet picnic with a stunning view over the surrounding nature. Poultry or duck terrines, or cheeses to spread, fruit to munch on or biscuits to enjoy: you'll have no difficulty filling your basket with local produce. A delicious moment to be extended with an inviting siesta under the shade of an oak tree. 

Our unmissable local products

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