randonnée dans le Tarn
randonnée dans le Tarn

Nature walks: our Top 3

We all have a good pair of trainers at home, we all like to get some fresh air. For stress-free hiking, the formula is always the same: set off and be guided by the beauty of the landscapes, the simplicity of your encounters and the conviction that each little corner of nature is a treasure to be preserved.

My Destination
Balade en famille à Cestayrols
Balade en famille à Cestayrols
Life in green 

The hillside path from Cestayrols

We can't stop finding good reasons to go on this walk. The route is easy and accessible to all, so you can take both your little ones and grandparents with no worry. All that remains is to convince them to start the walk because the village of Cestayrols has much to attract walkers. Nicknamed the "Snail village", it has the particularity in this bastide region of having its winding streets turn like a snail's shell up to the church. Once you're on the path, the sequence of landscapes begins: sometimes undergrowth, sometimes vines and meadows in a soft shade of green. The magnificent buildings you'll pass on the path will leave you in admiration. When it's time to stop for a picnic lunch, opt for the cool shade of a wash house or dovecote.
EASY - 9.5 km / Duration approx. 3 hrs 30

Top tip: extend your walk by stopping at Château Lacroux in Lincarque, just nearby. Bruno, the winegrower, is very friendly and will share all his secrets about Gaillac wines. Then grab a glass and enjoy the extraordinary panorama from the estate's terrace.

balade sur les remparts de Puycelsi
balade sur les remparts de Puycelsi
Among the earth and stones

The heritage path at Puycelsi

Set off for the grounds of the Verger Conservatoire Départemental to start the walk. More than 800 varieties of fruit are cared for here: they are not to be touched of course, but hopefully you have brought a few in your bag as snacks... Do you prefer bananas or apples? In any case, this sporty route will be a peach! Around you, valleys create differences in altitude. Focus on the landscapes to forget the effort required. Look out for the rocks of Puycelsi, take a refreshing moment near the Audoulou waterfalls and admire the Forêt de Grésigne, the largest forest in the Tarn and the biggest oak forest in the south of France. 
MEDIUM  - 12 km (or a 7-km variation) / Duration approx. 4 hrs

Our advice: return to Puycelsi at the end of the day and wait for the sky to light up for an unforgettable sunset from this medieval rooftop!

Entre 2 Pôles
Randonnée dans les vignes, vignoble de Gaillac
Randonnée dans les vignes, vignoble de Gaillac
Among the vines

The Vignoble & Châteaux path at Cahuzac-sur-Vère

This hike gives walkers a strong taste of the Gaillac region. On the slopes of the thousand-year-old vineyard, the path winds between vines, copses, moorland and valleys. It's an opportunity to discover the characteristics of this land, cradled between the Mediterranean and oceanic influences and dried out by the Autan wind. From the hillsides, let your gaze wander across the vast Grésigne Forest and the Tarn valley. With mountains on the horizon, typical Gaillac dovecotes stand, as well as wine farms, known as "Mas", often adorned with umbrella pines. At other stages there are different styles, castles mark the route: with their towers and surrounding walls, the castles of Mauriac and Salettes may seem impregnable, but they welcome visitors for a beautiful historical interlude.
DIFFICULT  - 17.5 km / Duration approx. 4 hrs 30

How about a horseride? 

The Tour du Tarn on horseback is a 500-km loop. But there is no need to go straight for the Grand Slam, there are many other routes that are suitable for riders and their mounts. Among our most popular spots is the Grésigne Forest with its shady paths and unmistakeable scents. You can also go to the Gaillac vineyards and enjoy being up high to better admire the lines of vines forming hypnotic mosaics.

randonnée à cheval dans le Tarn
randonnée à cheval dans le Tarn
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