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marché de producteurs du Tarn
marché de producteurs du Tarn

The spirit of south-western France

Those who come from afar envy it, here it is cherished and above all shared: colourful, singsong, sometimes noisy... long live the spirit of south-western France!

restaurant le Colvert, Saint lieux les Lavaur
restaurant le Colvert, Saint lieux les Lavaur
Enjoy your meal! 

Coming together around the table

You only have to say "south-west France" when you lift your fork and a cheerful, mouth-watering spread will take shape. On Gaillac land, set off on a unique culinary exploration with cheese and wine, poultry, duck, honey and jam. The many restaurants here will welcome you with open arms for a gourmet moment that you're sure to remember. We cherish quality produce here, as much as we cherish the nature that produced it. Just look around you: the vines, the markets and local producers with their stalls. Quick, it's time to eat already!

A festive spirit! 

Events to make you happy 

The journey continues for food lovers and the atmosphere soars, thanks to the many events that take place all year round! Relax during a concert with aperitif among the Gaillac vines, go back in time during the medieval festival or make a list of the festivals that you just do not want to miss! 

dégustation de vins de Gaillac aux Vignals à Cestayrols
dégustation de vins de Gaillac aux Vignals à Cestayrols

Encounters that leave their mark  

It should also be said that here, good humour is contagious. Could it be that the sunny, rocky atmoshphere and the Occitan character have something to do with it? An invitation from the market stalls, a spontaneous tasting at a winegrower's estate or an unexpected encounter with a passionate craftsperson: it only takes a few words to write the beginning of a story and to perceive a little more of the richness of the Gaillac land and its people in each encounter.
Here, we cultivate a warm welcome, and generosity is part of the DNA of each person: talk a little, laugh a lot and you'll really warm to these generous, open men and women. So many wonderful memories will remain with you after your stay... and undoubtedly you'll want to come back!

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