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aller à la pêche à Gaillac
aller à la pêche à Gaillac

Fishing in Gaillac and nearby

The day is just beginning to dawn, and the fishermen are coming to take their places along the river bank. In Gaillac and the surrounding area, it is good to fish in the first gentle rays of the sun. This is the natural version of a "calm, luxury and indulgent" experience.

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Parc arboré et lac dans le Tarn
Parc arboré et lac dans le Tarn
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Lakes and rivers, a paradise for fishermen 

The Tarn, a powerful river, renowned among fishermen, offers a great richness of fish life and two fishing courses. To the west of Gaillac, several sites are available for both beginner and experienced fishermen. In Lisle-sur Tarn, the Lac de Bellevue extends over 4 hectares and has a pontoon especially for fishing. For your next fishing session, meet at the Sourigous leisure centre in Salvagnac.

Family fishing

Head for the Lac des Auzerals in Rabastens for a family day. This lake is home to a fishing course with "family" status. While some of you fish, the others will enjoy the facilities: a swimming area, a barbecue, a play area... A treat for the whole tribe, and you can switch activities during the day!

Break the records

A competition sport!

Fishing can bring out competitive spirit in those who are passionate about it, the desire for the biggest catch, the largest fish! In the Tarn, between Gaillac and Labastide-de-Lévis is a spot for catching carnivorous fish, known by the professionals! So, who will beat the record for the biggest catfish at the next fishing competition in the Tarn?

Enjoy fishing in Gaillac

Pêcher sur le Tarn en bateau
Pêcher sur le Tarn en bateau
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Special fishing holidays and accommodation

To take a break, meet up with friends or perfect your skils, there are many reasons to want to extend your time fishing. In Gaillac and the surrounding area, fishermen are catered for with special holiday packages: waterside gîtes, a weekend package with private lakes available… All the conditions are met to tease the trout and roach.

Aquatic life

You will find a wide variety of fish in the lakes and rivers around Gaillac. Carp are particularly present in the Tarn, as are catfish, some of which reach record dimensions of 2.5 metres! Pikeperch, pike, black bass, catfish, crucian carp, common roach, common bleak, European perch, common bream... could also tickle your line.

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