pique nique au bord de l'eau, Lac des Auzeral à Rabastens
pique nique au bord de l'eau, Lac des Auzeral à Rabastens

Shop at the markets and picnic by the river

Going shopping and meeting local producers is a real pleasure for food lovers. On the Place Paul Saissac in the village of Lisle-sur-Tarn, treat yourself by preparing a gourmet picnic that will delight the whole family!

Picnic at the Lac de Bellevue with a basket full of market produce from Lisle-sur-Tarn


Both colourful and pleasant, the Sunday morning market at Lisle-sur-Tarn invites you to stroll among the stalls of the local producers, food shops and florists. All the produce of the Tarn comes together here, from one producer to the next, and the discussions that go on do it justice: here we exchange recipes and preparation advice.

Seasonal fruit and vegetables, duck, cheese, wine, it's all appetising. Fill your basket with 100% local purchases until you can't carry anymore, before heading for the shady banks of the Lac de Bellevue to enjoy it. With a piece of fresh bread and that pate or this goat's cheese... each mouthful will bring a new flavour.  

This calm, relaxing place is ideal for families. Once your tastebuds have been satisfied, take a walk around the lake and enjoy the quiet, where only birdsong and the wind in the trees can be heard.

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