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apiculteur du Tarn
apiculteur du Tarn

Play the apprentice beekeeper

We love to spread it on our bread at breakfast or add it to our tea to make it sweeter, it must be said that honey is a favourite with those who have a sweet tooth. Find out about its production in the Tarn valley.

Push open the doors of a honey farm to meet passionate beekeepers

In Puycelsi or Lagrave, the areas surrounding Gaillac have thousands of beehives producing exceptional pure honey. The Tarn is not short of beekeepers ready to help you discover their daily lives and the world of their many bees. 

From visiting a honey farm to the operation of a honey bee expert, learn which flowers in the region are the most pollinated while finding out about the breeding of swarms, without which the flora would lose so much of its beauty. 

In the heart of the forest, the life of the beehive follows its course, go and see what happens there with the beekeeper, putting on a fully-protective suit. Do you know how to spot the Queen? Listen to the advice and watch for her by observing the dance of the bees close to you, without the slightest risk of stinging! 

Behind the scenes of a honey farm

Entre 2 Pôles
apiculteur du Tarn
apiculteur du Tarn
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