activité aquatiques à Castelnau de Montmiral, base de loisir Vere Gresigne
activité aquatiques à Castelnau de Montmiral, base de loisir Vere Gresigne

Top 6 activities to delight children and parents alike

You thought you had found the ideal visit, but after an hour your little ones keep asking you the question that every parent dreads: "When are we going home?" If these words are already making you nervous, you've come to the right place: with our selection of outings in Gaillac, there'll be no more afternoons when the children are bored or dragging their feet, the whole family will be excited about one of our many activities! For the holidays, for a weekend or for the day, here are our top 6 fun activities for you family outings.

Embark on a wonderful journey

Go back in time on the little train, then play botanist at the Jardins des Martels

Set off for a day full of discoveries for children and adults alike! Start by climbing aboard the little steam train of Giroussens for a trip back to the 19th century that will delight both young and old. 

Take the time to observe the landscapes during this quiet walk and benefit from a pause in the shade of the oak trees to learn more about the history of this retro train, thanks to explanations by your conductor. On arriving at the station, continue your outing with a visit to the stunning Jardins des Martels, listed as one of the most beautiful in France. Watch your children walking through a setting that looks like it has come straight out of a fairy tale, with its giant water lilies, thousands of colourful flowers and the tropical plants in the exotic glasshouse. Savour these magical moments and feel the calm of the place... the colours, the scents, here everything invites you to explore and the senses to awaken. Finally, challenge your budding botanists to walk through the labyrinth before discovering the mini-farm where the animals live in semi-liberty. It has many residents that you may be able to see: fallow deer, llamas, goats, ponies, chickens, sheep... It's impossible not to come away from this visit enchanted!

Pascale Walter
atelier créatif enfants, archéosite de Montans
atelier créatif enfants, archéosite de Montans
In the Tarn, a village of die-hard Gaulles is still resisting...

The Archéosite and its creative holiday workshops

Here's a museum that your children will love! The Archéosite in Montans will plunge you into ancient times, to discover the past life of this Gallic, then Roman, village, renowned for its ceramic production. You'll discover objects from different eras, found during the archaeological digs, as well as a life-size reconstruction of a Roman house and street. During the school holidays, this museum comes to life through its creative workshops, where your little one will have a wonderful time! Indeed, what is better than experimenting with ancient production methods? At Archéosite, children can get their hands dirty and make their own mosaic, create a piece of Roman jewellery, paint a fresco or attend a storytelling tour or an historical re-enactment. An immersive experience is guaranteed.

Lois Moreno
Visite de la ferme en famille, Tarn
Visite de la ferme en famille, Tarn
A little piece of happiness

Discover the farm animals and play apprentice farmer

Head for the Ferme du Petit Poucet for a half day spent meeting the animals here. You'll go with Delphine and Anthony, the owners, to feed and care for their little protégés. You'll find out all there is to know about rabbits, horses, donkeys, sheep, goats, poultry and pigs! A real moment of connection with nature, of meeting gentle, curious animals that the children can feed by hand and pet.
This beautiful farm also offers a fun family walk on a 5-hectare course to discover the Gaillac flora and fauna. An enjoyable unique moment in a lush green setting in the heart of the Tarn triangle.

Manon Cazaméa
Musée du chocolat à Lisle sur Tarn
Musée du chocolat à Lisle sur Tarn
A creative chocolatey experience

Play a gourmet and apprentice chocolatier at the Musée du Chocolat in Lisle-sur-Tarn

If there's one thing that children and parents agree on, it's chocolate! Head for the Musée Art du Chocolat where you will learn all the secrets of its production and about the world of chocolate with an impressive exhibition of chocolate sculptures. Are you afraid that this will spoil your appetite? Don't worry, the visit ends with a tasting of pure origin chocolate that should delight your taste buds. Finally, in the company of a real master chocolate maker, your little chef will be able to let his or her imagination run wild and learn how to make a chocolate figurine to take home. All you have to do is hope that he or she will agree to share his or her gourmet creation with you, but that's out of our hands!

Famille des loups
les abeilles en famille, apiculteur du Tarn
les abeilles en famille, apiculteur du Tarn
Be a beekeeper for a day

Visit a honey factory and discover the life of the bees

Don a beekeeper's outfit at the Rucher de Candale and, as a family, discover all the secrets of honey. Vincent and Florence will share their passion for bees with you: together you'll look for the queen, take the hive frames in your hands and learn how to make your own honey. There's no need to be scared! You will discover that the bees are our friends and perhaps you'll even get the chance to gently pet one. An original and thrilling visit, which ends on a gourmet note with a honey tasting.
Before leaving, don't forget to say hello to Crocus the donkey, Anouchka the mare and Panpan and Belle, the two white peacocks. The children can also meet the mischievous hens on the estate and collect the eggs themselves. It seems that some of these little hens lay pink or blue eggs... Shall we check that out? 

A family exploration of the life of bees

découverte des abeilles en famille, apiculture
découverte des abeilles en famille, apiculture
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baignade en famille, base de loisirs Vere Gresigne à Castelnau de Montmiral
baignade en famille, base de loisirs Vere Gresigne à Castelnau de Montmiral
 Are you on Team Relaxation or Team Thrills? Why not both?

Swimming and fun in our leisure centres

The sun is shining, it's getting hotter. So, let's pull on our swimsuits, grab a towel, suncream and armbands and head for one of our leisure centres for a full and exciting day! You can choose among multiple sport and water activities.
For an afternoon of relaxation, head to the Vère-Grésigne leisure centre with its supervised swimming area where the children can enjoy the water slide in complete safety. Its 20 hectares will suit all tastes: take your little Rafael Nadal onto a tennis court, or introduce your kids to the joy of petanque (minus the pastis of course!), or go on a family pedalo ride.
Is your family full of energy? If so, head to the Aiguelèze leisure centre, which will challenge the whole family with its paddles, canoes and rental boats to sail on the River Tarn. Are they still not convinced?
Then bring out your trump card: the Aqua-Parc and its 2,000m² of supervised inflatables on which they can jump, bounce and run to their heart's content! A giant slide, swing, monkey bridge, swimming pools, a water course: thrills and laughter will be on the agenda for the whole family!

For children aged 2 to 12, don't worry, a 100% secure area with slides and inflatables play areas is reserved for the little ones. Plenty of fun and enjoyment! It is best to anticipate and book in advance to avoid disappointment.

You can also take advantage of the good weather to go for walks and hikes in our villages or in the countryside. Some tours are suitable for children. You can also find all the events in La Toscane Occitane in our Agenda.

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