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balade en vélo dans le vignoble de Gaillac
balade en vélo dans le vignoble de Gaillac

Choose an excursion, there's something for everyone

Exchange your smartphone for a water bottle, lace up your trainers and off you go, on a wonderful excursion in the Gaillac landscapes.

Explore at your own pace

All roads lead to Gaillac 

By foot, by bike or on horseback, it's up to you to choose how to explore the various marked paths and trails. Whether you prefer a short outing to take the time to breathe, or a larger excursion to recharge your batteries, you'll have many options! Through vines, plains and forests, a wide range of trails is available for all kinds of practises and all levels. Find out more about the official hiking circuits and trails, which have quality and safety guarantees.

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Dégustation au Château Lacroux à Cestayrols
Dégustation au Château Lacroux à Cestayrols
More than just sport

Walking for pleasure

To be completely immersed in nature, you can count on the local landscape. The rows of vines, lining up as far as the eye can see, give the Gaillac landscape the harmony and elegance of a work of art. Plunging into this picture postcard during a winegrower's walk is an opportunity to experience a sensory moment on a wine estate! The Gaillac landscape is also reflected in the forests, lakes and rivers that are characteristic of our region. From the Forêt de Sivens to the Domaine de Grésigne, via the Lac de Bellevue or the Lac des Auzerals, many walks await you, so you can take in the sights!

In the saddle

A paradise for horseriders 

Calling all horseriders! In the completely unspoilt Gaillac countryside, you're sure to come across all kinds of equine creatures: donkeys, ponies, and horses thrive in the Gaillac meadows. Various equestrian centres offer rides to explore the region in a unique way. Saddle up! Be guided by your travelling companion, who knows the paths intimately, and take advantage of the opportunity to admire the landscape from a slightly higher altitude!

Balade en vélo à Cordes sur Ciel
Balade en vélo à Cordes sur Ciel
Hold onto the handlebars

Head for the mountain bike trails

Now, change the saddle, but keep up the pace on the many mountain bike trails. Pedal through the forest and hear the leaves crackle under your wheels, ride alongside the vines or the riverbanks, all this is possible and more. And for the more daring who don't mind feeling their leg muscles burning, head for the Gaillac hills! Climb for a moment and enjoy the panoramic view stretching out over the vines, the wheat fields and the umbrella pines. Combine physical activity and aesthetic pleasure! Pssst: you can also opt for a accompanied ride on an electric mountain bike, to take it easy on the cardio.

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