balade en famille dans le Tarn
balade en famille dans le Tarn
Gaillac & nearby

Top activities for rainy weather

You're so busy planning your days, that you sometimes forget the unexpected... which might end up to be a blessing in disguise. Bad weather happens and we have no shortage of original ideas of things to do when it's raining.

Manon Cazaméa
sculpture éléphant au Musée du Chocolat à Lisle sur Tarn
sculpture éléphant au Musée du Chocolat à Lisle sur Tarn
Experience the good life

The Musée Art du Chocolat in Lisle-sur-Tarn

Fans of praline, pure or flavoured chocolate, discover it from every angle at the Musée Art du Chocolat. From the history of cacao growing and production to the different techniques used to create works of art, you won't be able to resist this indulgence. See the work of master chocolatiers and contemporary sculptors and discover the different cocoa regions around the world, with a guided tasting of different pure origin chocolates. You can also participate in one of the introductory workshops with a master chocolatier (booking required).

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Wine workshop at the Maison des Vins or with a wine grower

At the Abbaye Saint-Michel you'll find one of the largest showcases of Gaillac wines with more than 100 wines for sale. It is known and appreciated by a large number of wine lovers and connoisseurs. Highlighting the expertise of Gaillac wine growers, the cellar offers a dozen or so diverse and varied wines for tasting each week. If you are planning a visit to the rolling Gaillac vineyards, the team at the Maison des Vins is also very good at giving advice. During the summer months you'll also find a pop-up wine bar there, called L’Ampélographe!

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Pass Vigneron & Pass Brasseur

Thanks to the wine and beer passes, the Pass Vigneron and Pass Brasseur, meet a winegrower on their estate or a brewer in their production workshop and pick your favourite drink!

In the shoes of a leather worker    

Ateliers Fourès in Graulhet 

Have you ever wondered how that superb wallet you saw in a luxury boutique or the camel leather handbag you love was made? In the Tarn, since 1969, leather craftsmen have been making luxury products using traditional techniques at Ateliers Fourès. A "Living Heritage Company", it would be a shame not to stop there, and why not be tempted by one of the high-quality leather accessories presented in their showroom?

À vos agendas !

Each year, in October, local craftspeople who work in leather open the doors to their studios during the “Graulhet, le Cuir dans la Peau” event. Shop for Graulhet's leather products at factory prices!

The little train, the railway and nature at your fingertips! 

At the foot of the cellar at the Abbaye Saint-Michel in Gaillac, the Petit Train de la Portanelle with its realistic stations, decorations, figurines and attractions will delight all those with childlike souls. Young and old archaeology enthusiasts can head for the Muséum d’Histoire Naturelle (Natural History Museum) to see the collection of Dr Philadelphie Thomas. 600 specimens of birds and a fossil collection will impress many! Time travel as a palaeontologist at the Archéosite in Montans.

Hands on... pottery 

Giroussens Ceramics Centre

Giroussens is the first town in the Tarn to be given "Ville et Métiers d'Art" status. It is home to the workshop of Lucie Bouniol who loved to paint and sculpt in ceramics. Today, the Centre Céramique allows visitors to enjoy the work of ceramicists, potters and craftspeople, who exhibit their work there, attracting those who love contemporary art and also pottery enthusiasts. For collectors of ancient objects, the museum space has ancient glazed earthenware that can admired without touching.

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Potter for a day!

At the Ateliers du Couvent, create everyday and artistic objects in clay, by participating in pottery, throwing and modelling classes given by three ceramicists from very different backgrounds.

Laurie Escrouzailles
parcours de légende, Cave de Labastide, vin de Gaillac
parcours de légende, Cave de Labastide, vin de Gaillac
Challenge yourself or simply have fun

The Legendary Trail in Labastide-de-Levis

At the Maison Labastide, wine lovers and the curious come to immerse themselves in a thousand-year-old passion: vines and wine. Through a legendary, immersive and innovative tour featuring giant screens, sound and light, all the skills and secrets of Gaillac wine production are revealed. From the vineyard to the bottle, discover the characteristics that bring all the potential and stunning tastes to the wines of the region nicknamed "Little Tuscany".

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We always have fun!  

Come rain or shine, there's always a way to have fun! Pull on your bowling shoes and try your hand at bowling, it might be your lucky day! Film buffs can sit in a comfortable cinema and enjoy the film. And board game enthusiasts can meet at Garôjeux to play and test out games. They can be rented or you can take part in numerous activities while enjoying a coffee in this warm, comfortable and welcoming space.

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