Moutain Bike Tarck n°9 (blue) - La voix du Cérou
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Moutain Bike Tarck n°9 (blue) – La voix du Cérou

Starting from Salles sur Cérou, this tour takes you to Monestiés, one of the most beautiful villages in France, following the old railway line between Carmaux and Cordes.

The Voix du Cérou circuit is perfect for a family ride. Sitting on the saddle, you don't need to exert yourself to cover the 15 kilometres of the route.

From Salles-sur-Cérou, you leave the road to join the old railway line to Monestiès. The track is flat, wide, and shaded by the vegetation along the river Cérou.

Once you arrive in Monestiès, classified as one of the Most Beautiful Villages in France, you will find many picnic tables for your lunch stop. Before getting back on your bikes, take the time to discover the narrow streets and beautiful houses of Monestiès. The medieval town also has two sites to visit: the tomb and the Bajen-Vega museum.

It is on leaving Monestiès that you will have to make an effort to climb the Jouvenate hill. Once at the top, you will have to turn around to admire the beautiful view of the village below. The return to Salles is a leisurely walk along the Zère stream.

Salles-sur-Cérou: fortified houses and medieval tower
Monestiès: medieval town classified as "Most beautiful village in France
Old railway line

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Moutain Bike Tarck n°9 (blue) – La voix du Cérou
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