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village de Larroque, vue aérienne
village de Larroque, vue aérienne
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On the outskirts of the forest of Grésigne, the little village of Larroque is a perfect tranquil setting for those who know how to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. In the midst of nature, by the water and at the foot of a pink limestone cliff, Larroque is a real boost to the senses.

Larroque: authenticity itself

Huddled against a cliff-face, Larroque is a little village that’s been extremely well restored, offering a refreshing and shaded stop with a magnificent view of the surrounding countryside, while lying just a stone’s throw from the national Forest of Grésigne.

The village of Larroque sits at the side of a limestone cliff-face that changes colour from ochre to pink depending on the light. The cliff-face is full of little recesses and caves, proof that troglodyte people lived here in prehistoric times. The River Vère snakes around the foot of the village, bringing all the freshness and calm of unspoiled nature.

In the village itself, half-timbered houses nestle around a charming church, whose architecture is typical of the region. And don’t miss out on the two chateaus, dating from the 16th and 18th centuries, one of which – the château de la Vère – has been completely renovated as a chambre d’hôte.

Larroque is a real paradise for cyclists, walkers, people who enjoy foraging for mushrooms, and those who like regulated hunting.

The hamlet of Mespel, situated on the limestone plateau above the village, offers a perfect view of the magnificent countryside. Just beyond this hamlet lies the Notre-dame-des-bois chapel, which at first seems oddly placed out there on the fringes. Legend has it, though, that the chapel was originally going to be built in Mespel itself. The building materials, however, were moved by mysterious forces one night, leading people to believe that there had been some sort of divine intervention to point out where the chapel really should be constructed. 

The Mespel way

This is a magnificent walk with an excellent viewpoint up above Larroque. The ancient inhabitants of Puycelsi would take this path to visit the people of Larroque, who were known as Roucanels. The pleasantly shaded route forms a loop going back to Larroque.

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