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Château Balsamnine

Pass Vigneron at Château Balsamine

In the intimacy of his family estate, the winemaker awaits you to share his secrets. From the vineyard to the cellar, and all the way to the bottle, he will guide you through all the stages of his know-how and will awaken your five senses.

In 2006, Château Balsamine was born, the fruit of a shared passion between Christelle and Christophe. The estate is on a human scale, consisting of 20 hectares of vines and olive trees. It is located on the first slopes of Gaillac.
Christelle and Christophe Merle claim to produce wines from the land where the terroir, the people and the grape varieties allow the typicity and authenticity of their wines to be fully expressed.

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Please contact the Tourist Office to book a Vigneron Pass for this area.


One price: 22 € (per couple, family, group of friends up to 6 adults)
Concession: 19.80 € (Only on presentation of the VitiPassport.).

Includes a visit, a tasting and a bottle of wine.

Pass Vigneron at Château Balsamine
365 chemin de Téoulet 81600 Gaillac
00 33 (0)805 400 828

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