La Toscane Occitane

La Toscane Occitane (Occitan Tuscany, as it is called), conjures up visual, timeless and rich expressions, to be discovered through its hilltop villages and medieval towns, its bountiful nature, the energy of local life and the friendliness of its inhabitants.


La Toscane Occitane

From Rabastens to Cordes sur Ciel, from Gaillac to Penne, your gaze will be drawn by the soft curves of the Causse limestone hills and the slopes of our thousand-year-old Gaillac vineyard.

It is through the valleys of the Vère and the Cérou, the forests of Grésigne and Sivens, that the natural terrain of this end of the Tarn, eternally Occitan, takes shape.

Everything is in harmony with the poetry of the place. The Gorges de L’Aveyron, where the small villages of Larroque, Amiel or Milhars are hidden, huddled against the rocks. The fortified ‘cities of character’, Castelnau-de-Montmiral and Puycelsi, which provide views to be captured, full of light.

The genuine and appealing character of La Toscane Occitane, where life is good, offers you an authenticity that we invite you to experience alone, with your family, or with your friends.


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How to get here

La Toscane Occitane is situated between Bordeaux, Montauban and Albi and is roughly the North West sector of the Tarn department.

Getting here is easy – you just have to follow the River Tarn. But if you don’t have a ‘Gabare’ barge available, there are some more up to date forms of transport that will get you here quicker, so you can dive into an area that’s rich in beautiful countryside and fascinating culture, with an extremely warm welcome.

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