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Vol en montgolfière à Cordes sur Ciel
Vol en montgolfière à Cordes sur Ciel
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Cordes sur Ciel

Cordes sur Ciel, its name evokes in the imagination a village perched in the sky. At dawn, you can see its stones, steeped in history, being dazzled by the sun. A timeless place, of which the author Camus counted wonders. Its remarkable architectural heritage is bordered by fortifications and numerous doors welcoming us to the heart of a magic of yesteryear.

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ruelle pavée dans la cité médiévale de Cordes sur Ciel
ruelle pavée dans la cité médiévale de Cordes sur Ciel

An extraordinary village

At Cordes sur Ciel, 800 years of history slips away with each step. The foundation of the city, considered to be one of the first "bastides" in the region, dates back to 4 November 1222 and was made official by the young Count of Toulouse, Raymond VII.

On the cobbled streets, you will discover a major European heritage site. Just look up to see the sculpted façades, magnified by time and Gothic art. To gain height, you will have to climb. Fortunately, the galleries and craftsmen's workshops will help you forget this detail, and you'll reach highest point without hardly even noticing it. The beauty of the place will be matched only by the time spent here, where art and culture mingle with the history of a rich past.

How to come to Cordes sur Ciel

Did you know?

During the Second World War, Cordes sur Ciel was revived by artists and craftsmen, gathered around the painter Yves Brayer. This was the rebirth of a forgotten city, much to the delight of visitors.

To visit in the village

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Place de la halle à Cordes sur Ciel
Place de la halle à Cordes sur Ciel

Freeze frame at the covered market and near the well

The covered market was built in 1350 to accommodate the weaving and leather trades. Thanks to these trades, Cordes sur Ciel experienced exceptional growth and it was the merchants and nobles who built the sumptuous Gothic palaces that can be admired today.

Under the market hall, you will discover the "well" of Cordes, one hundred metres deep, as well as the wrought iron cross to the left of it. Opposite the market hall, the Maison du Grand Fauconnier stands with ease, extended by Maison Prunet and Maison Carrié-Boyer.

The traveller who, from the terrace of Cordes, looking at the summer night, now knows that they have no need to go further, and who knows that the beauty here will take them away each day from all soliture, if they so want - Albert Camus

After effort, comfort...

Walking through the cobbled streets of Cordes sur Ciel tends to whet the appetite. Fortunately, there are many local specialities to satisfy both small and large appetites. Markets, restaurants, bakeries... whether it's for a quick bite or a longer break, Cordes sur Ciel is sure to spice up any visit.

Cordes, the natural side

In addition to the cultural side of Cordes sur Ciel, the destination also offers natural explorations. Climbing, tree climbing, hiking, canoeing, there are many possibilities for visitors.


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Where to sleep in Cordes sur Ciel?
Verre de vin blanc, dégustation
Verre de vin blanc, dégustation

The sun is at its zenith... or about to set, and you're feeling peckish. It's time to find out where to eat!

Whether you prefer a terrace and a glass of wine or a meal on the go? This should help you make up your mind.

Where to eat in Cordes sur Ciel?

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