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Paysage de la Toscane Occitane
Paysage de la Toscane Occitane
Things are rolling in La Toscane Occitane

Top 6 most beautiful roads to discover by motorbike

Feathered house

The Pigeon Houses route

With nearly 1700 dovecotes, the Tarn has an exceptional variety of dovecotes adding to the picturesque charm of the region. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be seen on the Route des Pigeonniers: Gaillac type, Toulouse type, Saint-Sulpice type or Castres type. In total, twenty stages from Milhars to Sauveterre cross them, passing through Graulhet, Lisle-sur-Tarn or Gaillac.

Between bastides and vineyard

The Gaillacois route

This magnificent ride alternates between undergrowth, centuries-old vineyards, Albigensian bastides and curves to the delight of motorcyclists. From Gaillac to Lagrave, you ride in a loop on beautiful wide roads with long, rolling bends and small winding roads in the forest massifs such as the Grésigne forest. On the way, you may come across a few deer or roe deer, so stay alert! On this circuit crossing eleven villages, each stage reserves beautiful discoveries, in particular the wines of Gaillac for the oenophiles: to be tasted at the end of the stroll obviously and with moderation.


Tarn treasures

The Albigeoises Bastides route

Once governed by charters, these medieval towns offer a real adventure in time. Among the 25 stages of the tour, you will appreciate the narrow streets lined with corbelled houses still equipped with bridges, the arcades in the squares, the 16th century style houses, the fruit crops such as those of the Verger Conservatoire de Puycelsi, the Romanesque churches and houses with geminated windows... Between dream and reality, what bikers prefer in the summer season are the night lights in Milhars and the coolness of the Bonnan Valley.


Dominique Viet
vignes du vignoble de Gaillac
vignes du vignoble de Gaillac
Famous grape varieties

The Gaillac vineyard route

History tells us that when it became part of the Roman Narbonnaise, the Gaillacois acquired the grape varieties that have made its wines world famous. On the white side, the "Len de l'el", Mauzac and Sauvignon. On the red side, Duras, Braucol and Syrah. These are more colourful than the wines of Gaillac and offer the vineyard a palette of authentic tastes. From Gaillac to Graulhet, you will travel through 23 stages of the vineyard while enjoying the castles, churches, fortified villages and museums that make up the richness of the heritage. The opportunity to discover the Château de Salette, property of the Toulouse-Lautrec family, and of course to taste some delicious wines!

Gérard Négrié
Paysage de la Toscane Occitane
Paysage de la Toscane Occitane
A land of Pilgrims

The Chemin Toulze

Between Gaillac and Lisle-sur-Tarn as far as Rabastens, you can drive through cypress trees, pine trees and hillsides. These landscapes, with their Tuscan accents, take us on a journey, with our noses in the wind. In fact, in the past, pilgrims used to take this road to go to Santiago de Compostela. Today, the many châteaux and estates that we pass through are used to nourish our wine culture. A stop at the Château de Saurs allows you to observe its magnificent dovecote. As for the Domaine de Borie Vieille, a partner of the Pass Vigneron, it offers the opportunity to meet a couple of wine enthusiast and to discover their latest vintages!


Hills and fields

The road from Rabastens to Montgaillard

As the seasons go by, it is a real palette of striking colours, sometimes volcanic, sometimes green. Hands on the handlebars and free as a bird, we ride between hills and sunflower fields. Like a painting on canvas, the natural landscapes evoke the great outdoors. Between Rabastens and Montgaillard, you can take a break in Salvagnac to admire the plain while sipping a drink on the terrace of the Café Au Bord du Monde. Here, conviviality goes hand in hand with a change of scenery.



A little surprise

After Bruniquel, the D1 and then the D87 which passes over Penne offer a breathtaking view of the village and its fortress. Continue towards Saint-Antonin, with magnificent views along this pleasant road which is only accessible to small vehicles.

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Forteresse médiévale de Penne
Forteresse médiévale de Penne

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