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balade en vélo dans le vignoble de Gaillac
balade en vélo dans le vignoble de Gaillac

The ‘Vignobles & Découvertes’ label

The Gaillac wine region has been honoured with the label ‘Vignoble & Découvertes’ since 2010.

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vignes du vignoble de Gaillac
vignes du vignoble de Gaillac

The label

This award (roughly translated as ‘Vineyards and Things to Do’) is granted by Atout France, the Agency for the Development of French Tourism. It recognises and rewards destinations that bring together quality tourist activities and wine production in perfect harmony, whether it’s places to stay, wine-tasting experiences, museums, events or restaurants. The idea is that a visitor should be able to organise their stay knowing that they’ll enjoy high standards.

The label reflects the determination of all the people involved (winemakers, hoteliers, restaurant owners and tourist officers) to work together to produce a great tourist experience based around the local wine culture, combining activities (walking trails, cultural visits, museums, sites of special interest…) with a warm welcome (from winemakers, hoteliers, craftsmen, wine caves…) and special events (festivals, exhibitions, conferences…).


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Dégustation de vins de Gaillac au Domaine
Dégustation de vins de Gaillac au Domaine

The Fandouzils club

The Fandouzil club unites a number of representatives who share a desire to promote the  Gaillac region by offering quality services across all aspects of wine tourism.

From restaurant owners to tourist guides, winemakers to hotel owners, market gardeners to leisure activity co-ordinators, all work together under one banner. And they all want to share the delights of our area with a warm welcome, a friendly atmosphere, and reliable and honest advice to make your experience of the region the best it can possibly be.


Where does the term ‘Fandouzil’ come from?

The ‘fandouzil’ (or ‘fan dosilh’ in Occitan) was traditionally the name given to the person who opened the taps on the barrels for a tasting of Gaillac wines. They were important characters, because without their say-so none of us could enjoy the wine!

Today, the Fandouzils are more like regional ambassadors, making sure that everyone gets quality wine and a quality welcome. Their role now is to open a ‘tap’ that allows you to discover our beautiful, historical land.


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