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Vignes & Clochers

This trail will guide you to discover the work and influence of the Gaillacois winegrowers on the territory. The views of the landscapes shaped by the cultivation of the vines reveal geometric perspectives and a beautiful palette of colours.

Along the way, the buildings encountered also bear witness to their other skills as builders.

The meeting of oceanic and Mediterranean climates, between humidity and heat, caressed by the Autan wind, the Gaillac vineyard develops on six terroirs, three of which are predominant, which structure it into three slopes of specific geological nature.

The terraces of the left bank which run along the banks of the Tarn and whose soils are composed of pebbles, gravel, sand or boulbènes.

The right bank slopes, facing south and dominating the entire Tarn valley, where the soils are mainly clay and limestone.

The Cordes plateau, from Cahuzac-sur-Vère to the medieval town of Cordes-sur-Ciel, the Cordes plateau dominates the Vère valley. This terroir is characterised by white and stony soils.

Between Albi and Toulouse, the Gaillac appellation is at the very heart of the Occitanie region. It is the oldest appellation in this region, which bases its history on its thousand-year-old roots, while resolutely turning towards the production of young, modern and appreciated wines.

The wines of the appellation are made from traditional grape varieties, typical and full of character; Mauzac, loin de l'oeil and Ondec for the whites, Brocol (iron Servadoul), Duras and Prunelart for the reds.

A land of bastides and vineyards, of rugby and gastronomy, dynamic and warm, full of conviviality and joie de vivre, the Gaillacois region is an unmissable tourist destination where wines have their place.

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All year round.


Free access.

Vignes & Clochers
Lagassat 81310 Lisle-sur-Tarn
05 63 47 33 70

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