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Œnorando® The Pompirac Path
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Œnorando® The Pompirac Path

Discover the Gaillac vineyards through this Œnorando.

Conditions are favourable everywhere for growing vines. The climate is a perfect blend of oceanic and Mediterranean influences. Gaillac is also swept by the beneficial Autan wind, a drying wind that ensures extraordinarily healthy harvests for the winegrowers.

Recognised as an AOC since 1938, the Gaillac vineyards are a bastion of ancient grape varieties. While winegrowers everywhere like to rediscover the old grape varieties that have sometimes been left aside, our vineyards are among those that have never broken with their history. Our grape varieties are our identity. Mauzac, Loin de l'œil and Ondenc for the whites, Braucol, Duras and Prunelart for the reds.

The range of our wines is dazzling in its profiles and tastes, including fresh whites, reds and rosés, still and sparkling wines, dry and sweet wines, all united by the same grape varieties.

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Free access.

Guidebook with maps/step-by-step

1. From the estate parking lot, drive down the driveway to the 032. Follow the road to the right for 150m and turn left. Intersection with the "Hauts de Gaillac" circuit. 2. Go straight ahead, cross the small road by a left/right turn, then follow the hillside path through the vines to the road under Matens. Turn left. After 350 m, take the right-hand path to Cravol. 3. Turn left and take the track leading to the Bois de Vors. Leave the "Hauts de Gaillac" circuit on your right. Continue straight ahead until you reach the intersection with the "Hauts de Gaillac" return path. 4. Turn right. At the Brugues crossroads, fork left and continue along the road. 5. At the end of the road, go straight ahead on the path which passes under the Puech de Magne, then in front of an old winegrower's hut, and returns to the original route at point 6. 6. Return to the road and rejoin the estate at the starting point.

Œnorando® The Pompirac Path
915 Route de Barat Lieu-dit Saint Laurent
81600 Gaillac
00 33 (0)805 400 828

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