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Mycologie, forêt de Sivens, Tarn

Interpretation tablet in the forest of Sivens

The Sivens forest is an extension of its "big sister" the Grésigne forest. Until the beginning of the 20th century, a whole working population lived from and in the forest.

Pitsawyers, ruscassiers extracting the precious tannins from the oak bark for leather work, charcoal makers producing charcoal... Mixing with the oak forests, coniferous trees have been planted more recently to supply the props for the Carmaux mines.

At the gateway to the Gaillac vineyards, the Maison départementale de la forêt is dedicated to raising awareness of the environment and leisure activities, and offers a full range of facilities for discovering the forest: events, themed exhibitions, interpretation and hiking trails. In autumn, don't miss the mycological outings in these woods, which are rich in mushrooms.

Listen up! It won't be long before you notice the presence of the hosts of these places.
At the beginning of autumn, you will hear the bellowing of the stag in the distance. And there... it's a roe deer! Here it's the wild boars that have stripped the ground bare by digging it up.
Ah, a dead tree! You may be lucky enough to discover a giant! Well, almost, it is the Lucane Cerf-volant, 8 cm long, it is the largest beetle in Europe.

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Interpretation tablet in the forest of Sivens
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