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Guided mountain bike tour
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Guided mountain bike tour

Duration 1 day / night
Circuit accompanied by an MCF guide for a Friday mountain bike ride through the vineyards, estates and forest of Grésigne. Loop of 40 km minimum to 60kms maximum from 6 people every Friday. To be booked on Wednesday at 6pm maximum.

Come and stretch your legs on a new AE mountain bike through the Gaillac vineyards, the Bastides and the Grésigne Forest for its coolness in summer. All of this accompanied by an MCF guide who will show you the way on these nice and hilly paths. Fun for all, young and old. From Gaillac, you will pick up the mountain bike circuits to reach Cahuzac sur Vère. You head towards Castelnau de Montmiral and then you go into the forest of Grésigne to appreciate its forest paths and its freshness.
Return to Gaillac on paths that descend quietly into the valley.
Don't forget to bring your own picnic or we can offer you a packed lunch with our local partners.

  • English, Spanish, French
  • Not accessible in a wheelchair


All year round, every Friday.


Mountain bike 80€ per person per day with guide
From 4 people: 77€ per person per day
From 8 people: 75€ per person per day
Option price per day :
2 panniers 5€,
Additional battery or fast charger 15€, GPS 10€, and
GPS 10€,
Child trailer 10€, Child seat 5
Child seat 5€,
Tracking bike (children from 5 to 8 years old) 10€.

Guided mountain bike tour
11 rue Aristide Briand 81600 Gaillac
05 63 58 07 20 06 70 62 88 36

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