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Graulhet, le cuir dans la peau ! #6

"Graulhet le Cuir dans la Peau" is a 2-day immersion in the workshops of leather manufacturing. From the treatment of the skins to the meticulous making of the bags, the most beautiful leather objects will have no more secrets for you!
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Graulhet le cuir dans la peau 2023

At a time when "made in France" is on everyone's lips, the "Leather in the skin" days present the "made in Graulhet"!

Exceptionally, the companies that work with leather will show you around their workshops... and reveal their world-renowned know-how.
It's also an opportunity to shop in Graulhet leather at factory prices!

Reservations can be made online at or at our tourist information offices.

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From Wednesday 25 to Thursday 26 October 2023.


One price: from 3 €.

Graulhet, le cuir dans la peau ! #6
33 rue Saint Jean 81300 Graulhet
00 33 (0)805 400 828
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