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Pedestrian sports, Hide and seek/treasure hunt

Baludik – The Talisman of Bruniquel

The Pays Midi-Quercy invites you to discover the treasures of Bruniquel through one of the crazy adventures of two visitors from the future, "The talisman of Bruniquel".

Help our two heroes Lyra and Jonas return home! Coming straight from the future, they have been assigned to bring back the past knowledge in their temporality. They use a time machine and only a talisman can recharge it. According to the encrypted information gathered during their previous trips, this jewel would be hidden in Bruniquel... This is where you come in, armed with your smartphone download the Baludik application and the adventure begins! Come and help them solve the riddles thanks to the many clues scattered around the village and thus find the location of the precious talisman. To practice with family, friends or even solo, to have a good time and to discover the history and heritage of Bruniquel. And we are preparing new adventures to live on the rest of the Midi-Quercy territory, be curious our heroes have not finished making you travel. 1,6 km - Duration 1h30 - From 12 years old.

  • French

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  • Public WC
  • Car park
  • Free car park
  • Charging stations for electric vehicles
  • Defibrillator
  • Play area
  • Picnic area


All year round.


Free of charge.

Baludik – The Talisman of Bruniquel
2 rue de la fraternité Office de Tourisme
82800 Bruniquel
05 63 67 29 84

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