village de Rivières
village de Rivières
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The little rural community of Rivières suddenly gained importance in 1950 with the building of a hydroelectric dam nearby. In addition to changes brought about by a territorial reorganisation, it was the opening of the leisure park on the reservoir at Aiguelèze in 1976 that saw Rivières open up to tourism and leisure activities.

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activité paddle sur le Tarn à Rivières
activité paddle sur le Tarn à Rivières

Rivières, fun by the water

The leisure park at Aiguelèze is blessed with a sailing school, tourist accommodation, a campsite, tennis courts, a golf course with help on hand for novices, and even a water skiing facility.

They haven’t forgotten those who love fishing either, because the River Tarn is full of all kinds of varieties of fish, including black bass, pike perch, catfish and carp. The picnic area is perfect if you just want to laze about and enjoy eating outdoors, while monitored swimming in the Tarn is on offer in the summer.

And let’s not forget the farmer’s market that takes place on Monday evenings during the summer. It’s a real treat for the senses with its sight, sounds and smells, all wrapped up in a lovely convivial atmosphere.

Laurie Escrouzailles
Croisière en gabarre sur le Tarn à Rivières
Croisière en gabarre sur le Tarn à Rivières

A trip down the Tarn in a barge

Aiguelèze acts as a departure point for barge trips. The ‘gabarres’, as these barges are known, date back to the Middle Ages and were flat-bottomed transporters for everything that was produced in the Tarn. The river used to be a real commercial highway and wine and pastel dye manufacturers recognised just how important this waterway was in getting their goods out across France and all over Europe.

Nowadays a trip on a ‘gabarre’ gives passengers an unforgettable view of the towns and villages that line the riverbanks. When Albi hoves into view it really is quite magnificent. A trip like this is perfect to help you enjoy a cool breeze and the beauty of the countryside in a convivial atmosphere. And you might even get to enjoy an ‘apéro’ on the river!

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