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Petit Déjeuner à la chambre d'hôtes les 8 B à Gaillac
Petit Déjeuner à la chambre d'hôtes les 8 B à Gaillac
Portraits of passionate people

A warm interview at Les 8B Guest House

One was born in Beijing and has lived in the biggest cities in the world, the other one is a stewart who was born in France but restlessly travelled all around the globe, Charlotte and Cédric eco-responsible hosts in Gaillac open the doors to their haven of peace.

Much more than a travel story 

The couple chose to open an urban eco-gîte, distinguished by its solid bricks and raw earth walls, with the aim of welcoming travellers who came to discover the Gaillac region and shared common values centred on ecology. They set themselves the challenge of rehabilitating a traditional 18th century building into a Bed and Breakfast, bioclimatic, bio-sourced and low consumption, backed up by a mix of renewable wood and solar energies, while preserving or reusing as much of the existing building as possible. It can be said that this ecological bed and breakfast meets its commitments even in terms of its name: welcome to the 8B!

Charlotte and Cédric

"We kept the vegetable garden part of the house. In the past, there was a chicken farm, rabbit hutches, it is a winegrower's house. You can still see the drill, the vat that was used to collect the grapes and the cellar." 

A goodwill exchange with Mother Nature

Gaillac is a medieval fortified town like Albi, as can be seen from the houses on Boulevard Gambetta that lean over the old moat which has been filled in. The Hortalisse district, was at the time the market gardening district, the soil is very light, a little sandy and very fertile, perfect for market gardening. There are veins, if you dig not very deep, you will find water and almost all the gardens have wells.

The spacious, sober and comfortable suites of the Chambre d'hôtes Les 8B are located in the heart of the former market gardening district of l'Hortalisse, in the green area of this former winegrower's house.

© Laurie Escrouzailles
Chambre d'hôtes les 8 B à Gaillac
Chambre d'hôtes les 8 B à Gaillac
The 8 B

When confort goes green

In addition to being certified Chambre d'hôtes référence® by the Office de Tourisme de France® network, this one has the Vignobles & Découvertes® and Qualité Tourisme™ labels. A real cocoon, conviviality has made its nest in the private lounge, the work space and at the large communal table where you can enjoy a continental or gourmet breakfast made from organic, fresh, local and seasonal products, mostly from the vegetable garden. 

Chilling without a complex

With natural thermal comfort and no unnecessary consumption, staying in one of the five suites of the 8B guest house is more than just a respite. Refined furniture with elegant lines, solar or pellet heating, bio-sourced materials, it's a real return to basics! 

Meet Charlotte and Cédric

Laurie Escrouzailles
Chambre d'hôtes les 8 B à Gaillac
Chambre d'hôtes les 8 B à Gaillac
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