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Forteresse médiévale de Penne
Forteresse médiévale de Penne
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A few hours' paddle from Saint-Antonin-Noble-Val on the Aveyron Gorges, Penne stands, as if floating. Your gaze may rest on the hilltop fortress, which seems to float above the void and inexorably attracts visitors. Only 30 minutes from Cordes sur Ciel and 1 hr 30 from Toulouse, it would be a shame to miss the view of the Grésigne Forest.

CDT 81
Château médiéval de Penne
Château médiéval de Penne

Visiting the medieval village

Nestled in an unspoilt natural environment, Penne is a medieval town. Just walk up the winding lanes leading to the fortress to admire the remains of the Occitan military architecture. Don't miss the royal building and the view from the castle. Go a little higher up this "eagles's nest", and you will be able to see the Aveyron Gorges and the Grésigne Forest.

Did you know ?

The inhabitants of Penne are called Pennoles and Pennols. The origin of the name "Penne", is said to be "height" and "plumage".

Forteresse médiévale de Penne
Forteresse médiévale de Penne

The Château de Penne

After four and a half centuries of abandonment, the fortress of Penne still stands proudly on its rock, guarding the Grésigne Forest. Reaching the top is worth the effort, and this jewel of medieval military architecture will not fail to win over both the informed medievalist and the simply curious tourist.

An exceptional location

Visitors can take their visit to the heart of the village's natural environment. The Aveyron Gorges are just down the road, while hiking and mountain biking allow you to enjoy this exceptional setting with its three Natura 2000 sites and protected areas.

Don't forget to bring a picnic, with a slice of goat's cheese from Le Pic and some local produce from the village grocery shop – everything will be perfect to enjoy the moment!

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