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Château Foucaud
Historic site and monument

Château de Foucaud

Castle and Park from the seventeenth century. It is set in the middle of a traditional park in the French style with viewing points, terraces and fountains. The castle was converted into the Fine Arts Museum of the Town in 1935.

The classical villa that houses the museum sits in the heart of a beautiful garden
featuring both Italian and French influences, and with terraces dropping down to the River Tarn.
The museum houses both permanent and temporary exhibitions, the most important collection being works bequeathed by the renowned painter Firmin Salabert in 1895. Salabert was taught by the famous French neoclassical painter Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres and was probably the most talented of all his students.

The Museum of Fine Arts in Gaillac will host a special exhibition in the summer of 2018, featuring almost 150 masterpieces of Chinese art.

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  • Not accessible in a wheelchair


All year round, daily.

Château de Foucaud
Parc Foucaud 81600 Gaillac
05 63 81 20 26

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