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Fontaine à Parisot
Fontaine à Parisot
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The commune of Parisot sits between the River Tarn and the River Dadou. It’s a small rural village at the heart of a large agricultural community.

Parisot, the charms of yesteryear

The local heritage of Parisot tells you all you need to know about the history of Tarn life in the days before electricity. In the centre of the village stands a magnificent community washhouse where the villagers would all go to do their laundry, but also meet to gossip and sing Occitan songs.

There’s a second washhouse at the end of a lane with a baker’s shop on the corner, next to the Pastel road. In Parisot people take time to enjoy life, adapting to the rhythm of the seasons. The village inspires reflection and is the perfect place to switch off from your busy life and find a little tranquillity.

You can still see reminders of the village’s ancient links with wine-growing and the pottery industry. For example, many of its roads still carry the names of historical grape varieties like Ondenc, Braucol and Len de L’El (Loin de L’Oeil). But since the 18th and 19th centuries it’s been cereal crops that have shaped this landscape. Crop fields stretch out as far as you can see, farms are dotted throughout the commune, and with its churches, chapels and pigeon lofts, the area really couldn’t be more typical of the region.

The Sainte-Sigolène chapel

The hamlet of Sainte-Sigolène has an adorable little 12th century chapel that’s served as the parish church for many years. It’s dedicated to Saint Sigolène, a seventh century abbess who devoted her life to the poor and to prayer, and who founded the Troclar monastery in nearby Lagrave. The chapel contains a statue of the Merovingian saint, and well as other treasures.

The ‘Paquita part en live’ festival

This three-day festival takes place every year at Pentecost. It’s a time for people to really let their hair down and features free concerts and shows, along with communal meals, fairground attractions and fireworks displays. What a special way to break the calm of this normally peaceful village!

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