My Destination
se promener dans les rue de village, Cestayrols
se promener dans les rue de village, Cestayrols
Have a great time together

A family weekend in la Toscane Occitane

Fancy a little getaway with your little tribe? Come and enjoy the simplicity of la Toscane Occitane. Here you can have fun and relax at the same time.

Animation médiévale à Penne
Animation médiévale à Penne
Back to castles time

Penne, assault on the fortress !

"Pfff but it's only a ruin!", when getting out of the car, the children might feel a certain lack of motivation as they contemplate the village going up towards this ruined castle. But come on! We promise it's worth it! As you reached the foot of the imposing fortress, the excitement was already building as the scenery conjured up images of epic films. There was the farmyard, further on the entrance to the enclosure with its gate with multiple defences and at the bottom, the dungeon from which one would almost feel dizzy! A few knights are fighting with swords, builders are cutting stone to rebuild some of the walls damaged by the centuries. The children watch with amazed eyes, we told you so!

Discover the fortress

Laurie Escrouzailles
balade Jardins des Martels, parc floral du Tarn
balade Jardins des Martels, parc floral du Tarn
In total freedom

Running in the grass

There are no "no walking on the grass" signs here, that's the whole point! Take off your shoes and go and discover the secrets of the garden. From one corner to another, you will come across a statue here, a bench there... You have already walked a few hundred metres when the well-trimmed hedges of the labyrinth appear. Will you dare to challenge it? To enter it is not to be sure of getting out... brrr, but if you do, the reward is at the exit! Then you come face to face with the inhabitants of the gardens: goats, hinds, a few chickens, and bushy-haired Highland cows... Just enough time to say goodbye to them and you come upon the temple. Jump from stone to stone on the surface of the water to find the path and finish the crossing. What? You want to go back already?

Walk through the gardens

Our accomodations for the whole tribe

After running around the ruins thinking you're a knight, and going through the gardens from top to bottom, a little rest is welcome.

Get your strength up, you'll need it for tomorrow!

Our accomodations

Meet the farm animals

At the foot of Castelnau-de-Montmiral, let’s visit the animals taken in by Delphine and Anthony at the Petit Poucet farm. Horses, donkeys, goats... they are all very sociable, and maybe you will be able to stroke them! In Salles, at the Bellevue animal farm, domestic animals and other less usual ones await you!

Tingling in the legs

Reaching for the top and jumping into the water

Notice to the most daring! You can get up high and play Tarzan in the shade of the great oaks. Sometimes you will have to fight vertigo, but the most courageous will be rewarded with a breathtaking view of the city of Cordes sur Ciel from the top of the oaks. You’re only 3 years old? An initiation course is planned for you! As for the older ones, will you dare to challenge the big tyroliennes?

Plouf! Another one who ended up in the water... That's the game! At the Aqua Parc in Aiguelèze, you try as best you can to keep your balance on the inflatables, but it doesn't take much to end up in the Tarn! Laughter guaranteed and we must admit it: when it's hot, we fall a bit on purpose! The bonus? Here too, the little ones can have fun in complete safety on land-based structures.

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