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Remparts du village médiéval de Puycelsi
Remparts du village médiéval de Puycelsi
Just for you

Weekend as a couple in la Toscane Occitane

You want to recharge your batteries and spend a quiet weekend just the two of you? Here are our ideas for activities and relaxation for the best couple's stay in La Toscane Occitane.

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Dégustation vins de Gaillac dans les vignes
Dégustation vins de Gaillac dans les vignes
At wine and beer producers'

The Pass Épicurien

Your appointment is made at the Tourist Office for an immersion in the middle of the vats and barrels! The winemaker or brewer will welcome you to spend an hour or more with you, and only you. They will explain their work, how grapes are transformed into wine, how barley is transformed into beer. They will tell you about their estate, sometimes inherited from a long family history, sometimes recent and the result of a consuming passion.

Finally the long-awaited moment will come, because, as nice it is to talk about wine or beer, the best is to taste it. At the end of the visit, you will leave with a bottle of wine or two bottles of beer... or even more if you like!

Book your pass

Allow 1 hour for the Brewer's Pass and 1h30 for the Winegrower's Pass... It's time to be curious, take advantage of it!

Off the beaten tracks

A walk between fun and tranquility

To get off the beaten track, you can go off it... or you can follow them in a different way! Penne is a perched village near the Aveyron gorges, well known for its impressive fortress, you may have already known that. But did you know that it is possible to ride around the village on a gyropod? It will allow you to go a little further than on foot and to share a playful moment. For the more nostalgic or vintage fan, rent a solex and take to the country roads! Explore them at your own pace, enjoy the colours, the smells, and take a break for some food. If you prefer a more traditional excursion, get on a bike, with the electric assistance, it rolls itself. The calm of the countryside in slow mode!


A time to relax

Take a moment for yourself

Slow down, and enjoy the moment together, far from the frenzy of everyday life... Here it is not just a slogan. After your stroll, share a moment of relaxation with the vineyard as a backdrop at the Château de Salettes spa. It's time to indulge yourself and take some time for yourself. Near Lisle-sur-Tarn, in the middle of the vineyards, immerse yourself in the warmth and soothing atmosphere of the hammam. Enjoy the feeling of relaxation and freedom that it provides. Breathe, and admire the surroundings.


Our cocooning accomodations to enjoy your getaway in complete serenity.

Our accomodations

A romantic gateway in our villages

At the end of the day, as the sun sets, you might like to take one last walk to enjoy the mildness of the early evening. This is also the time when the orange light of the setting sun shines most beautifully on the white stone, perfect for strolling through the narrow streets of our beautiful villages.

Walking through our villages

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