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Apéro Concert à l'abbaye Saint Michel de Gaillac
Apéro Concert à l'abbaye Saint Michel de Gaillac
Getting together

A weekend among friends in La Toscane Occitane

Finally! After many unsuccessful attempts, you have finally found a weekend where everyone is available. The destination? La Toscane Occitane of course! Enjoy its gentle way of life, its landscapes and try some nice adventures.

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Cave Vinovalie de Técou, Dégustation de vins de Gaillac
Cave Vinovalie de Técou, Dégustation de vins de Gaillac
For the most curious

The Pass Vigneron

The weekend begins gently with a privileged one and a half hour visit to a domain. Doing the "Pass Vigneron" or "Pass Brasseur" with friends sometimes means putting your host to the test! A little joke, a burst of laughter... Be careful, he might get caught up in the game! Your visit will then be all the more jovial and friendly, and so much the better! After all, this is the DNA of the Gaillac vineyard. The vine, the different vines, the wine-making techniques, you will know everything when the time comes to taste. Are you more of a white wine lover? Red wines? Ancestral method? The debates could be heated! Make sure you are persuasive, because a bottle is offered at the end of the visit! A Grail to be savoured at the end of the day in front of the sunset.

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For beer lovers, there is also the Brewer's Pass. If you like wine as much as beer... you might as well try both!

Everyone in the water

Let's paddle !

At the foot of the imposing fortress of Penne which watches over the Aveyron gorges, embark on your canoe for a half-day trip on the water. Along you way in the river, and on the few beaches you will find along the way, a few swimming breaks are in order! It's also the ideal time to take out your picnic and enjoy the sunshine with your friends!

Do you prefer more unusual experiences? If you've already tested the paddle, alone on the board, how about going on it with eight people? We won't hide it from you.... Keeping your balance will be a real challenge and the likelihood of some people falling overboard is pretty high. It will be just as challenging on a single paddle, especially if you've never done it before. But a weekend with friends is a good time to try something new, right?

Aqua Parc à Aiguelèze, balade entre amis sur le Tarn
Aqua Parc à Aiguelèze, balade entre amis sur le Tarn

Have a drink on a boat

Late afternoon, it's time for an aperitif! So yes, we agree with you, an aperitif is nice wherever you are! But to change the setting a little, we suggest an aperitif on the water. How do you do it? Go to the Aiguelèze leisure centre. It is possible to rent classic boats such as canoes or pedalos, but we bet you don't know the floating lounge? It's very simple! You are on a round boat, like a big donut, without a licence and with a table in the middle... Like at the bar but on the water!

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To finish

A bucolic evening in the coutryside

To end the day or start the evening, let’s go go for a drink together. In the summer, you are bound to find something to enjoy at a winegrower's during an aperitif-concert, or at one of the many festivals that punctuate the summer season in Occitan Tuscany. In spring, to drink a good craft beer, head for the foot of the city of Cordes sur Ciel to the Auros brewery! Here at the edge of the brook,  settle down around a table to taste a beer brewed there, in the shed a few meters away. You can take advantage of this to admire the brilliant colours of the sun as it sets over the medieval town. Looking for the countryside? Then go to Salvagnac, to the Café au Bord du Monde, with its view over the plain and its good local products! You are in Gaillac or Rabastens and you are lazy to move? There's everything you need on site, with a bar and cellar atmosphere without the hassle!

Where to stay among friends in La Toscane Occitane

A weekend with friends is often an opportunity to get together, even though we sometimes only see each other for a few days a year. We create our own little bubble and enjoy the happiness of being together. For this, there's nothing like a house in the countryside, so here's our selection (note that depending on the dates, nightly or weekend rentals are not always possible, especially during the two summer months).

Our gites

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