stand up paddle eau baignade aquatique canoe kayac
canoé, paddle, activités nautique dans le Tarn
canoé, paddle, activités nautique dans le Tarn

Our good plans for when it's hot

Cultivate in a cool space

In the heart of the air-conditioned museums of the Tarn, we enjoy a cultural visit that feeds our thirst for knowledge and our desire for freshness. The Musée des Beaux-arts de Gaillac introduces us to masterpieces that span the different artistic movements. From neo-classicism to impressionism, there is something for everyone! At the Centre Céramique de Giroussens, it is the art of the gesture that we discover through the creations of artists, potters, painters-sculptors and ceramists whose often ancestral techniques reflect the history of the heritage.

Warm weather does not necessarily mean a lack of sweet tooth, so head to the Musée Art du Chocolat in Lisle-sur-Tarn, which delights the taste buds and appeals to the sense of detail through works that are as surprising as they are tempting. As for the Musée Les Arts du Sucre et du Chocolat, it presents masterpieces made entirely of sugar and chocolate inspired by tales and legends. Something to drool over in Cordes sur Ciel!

Our museums

plage et baignade, base de loisirs vere gresigne à Castelnau de Montmiral
plage et baignade, base de loisirs vere gresigne à Castelnau de Montmiral

Take a dip in the water

At Vère-Grésigne and Aiguelèze, the little ones enjoy yet another slide on the water slides of the leisure centres which become their favourite playground. Meanwhile, the parents take the opportunity to refresh themselves with a peaceful canoe or paddle trip. The weather is good, you feel like a fish in water!

To practise the crawl or simply do a few lengths for fun, the supervised swimming pools of the Tarn open their doors throughout the summer. At the Lisle-sur-Tarn swimming pool, you can even take part in aquagym classes! And if you want to sunbathe with your feet in the sand, go to the beaches on the Viaur at Saint-Martin Laguépie, which has several pools for young and old. The beach at Rabastens, on the other hand, is a complete change of scenery with its wilder side.

Take it easy in the shade

At the Jardins des Martels in Giroussens, you will discover an oasis of freshness where an exotic and aquatic greenhouse, a banana plantation, a mini farm and more than 2000 species of plants invite you to dream and relax. This English-style floral park of Asian inspiration takes you on a journey to other horizons, and it is no coincidence that it is ranked among the most beautiful in France!

At the Jardins des Paradis in Cordes sur Ciel, you can enjoy this pretty space with oriental influences on the first fortified terraces of the medieval city. Your senses are awakened as you marvel at the creative dialogue between art and plants. The journey begins from a panoramic terrace shaded by sails, with the "enclos gourmand" where you can smell and taste berry, aromatic and exotic plants.

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marché à Lisle sur Tarn, producteurs locaux
marché à Lisle sur Tarn, producteurs locaux

Go to a night market

In summer, we take our basket out at nightfall to meet the craftsmen and producers of the Tarn. On Mondays, the market of Rivières makes us fall in love with some delicacies. On Tuesdays, you can enjoy the music on the Place du Griffoul in Gaillac or make new finds in Lagrave. On Wednesdays, you can indulge in the country atmosphere of Salvagnac where the producers combine authenticity and simple pleasures.

All year round in the late afternoon, Noctambio invites lovers of short circuits and organic produce to do their shopping on Tuesdays in Gaillac. On Wednesdays in Couffouleux, everything is good in organic. On Thursdays, you can fill up on good products at the weekly market in Penne or Senouillac.

Our markets

We take advantage of the evenings to go out

Come and taste wines, listen to music and dance all summer long during the aperitif-concerts at the Tarn winegrowers'. They know how to welcome, their bright smiles fill us with joy, welcome to their home! Great tables, great meetings, gourmet discoveries, partying in the vineyards, it's good to be with the Gaillac winegrowers!

Climb aboard a gabarre on the Tarn for a very special aperitif! Taste with one of the Gaillac winegrowers his latest vintages. Between Albi and Gaillac, he tells us about his job with passion. And between two sips, he shows us the marvellous view of the Sainte-Cécile cathedral. To finish, we take another look at the plate of local tapas to accompany our glass of wine, all of which go so well together in the mouth.

Go on a crazy adventure with the costumed night tours in the Tarn! Puycelsi, Castelnau de Montmiral or Cordes sur Ciel, the bastides and perched villages reveal all their secrets. By the light of the lanterns, follow the guide in period costume who will passionately tell you the legends and thrilling stories of the area.

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