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Montgaillard dans le Tarn
Montgaillard dans le Tarn
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On the borders of the Tarn department, Montgaillard appears to be there to wish travellers a safe onward journey, rolling out a carpet of countryside colours, a patchwork of hills, plains and various crops.

Montgaillard, a mosaic of colours and landscapes

The commune of Montgaillard benefits from a rich soil that’s perfect for any number of different crops. At the foot of the village, the Tescou flows, bringing freshness in summer and irrigating the plains.

Montgaillard is a like a succession of different landscape paintings, a chain of different crop fields, each one more colourful than the last. The hills roll away as far as the eye can see, lighting up in the sun’s rays. In spring, the fallow fields bring a carpet of colourful meadow flowers. Then in summer, it’s the pale straw colour of wheat that takes over, highlighted by the patterns of harvested fields and hay bales, and followed by the bright yellow tones of the sunflowers. Autumn brings ochre shades, adding a rich gold and russet hue to the countryside. And finally winter witnesses mists that add an air of mystery to the valleys and plains. If you’re rambling at the start or at the end of the day, you’re likely to see deer gambolling through the fields and copses. This is nature at its most beautiful, peaceful and unspoilt – and nothing is more appealing.

The Saint-Pierre chapel and the Saint-Loup church

This commune was formed when the smaller villages of La Vilette, La Rouquette and Montgaillard were grouped together. The Saint-Pierre chapel in La Rouquette and the Saint-Loup church in La Vilette are testaments to the times when every tiny village had its own place of worship.

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