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Village de Milhars
Village de Milhars
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At the crossroad of your trip, between Toulouse, Quercy, Rouergue, Albigeois, Aveyron and Cordes, this small charming medieval village will not fail to attract attention.

Milhars, a small medieval village

Whether you are walking, cycling or riding your motorbike, Milhars offers a stopover between two destinations.
On the road to the dovecotes and the Aveyron Gorges, it would be a shame to miss the unusual architecture of this village. Indeed, Milhars is built "like a snail" and its horseshoe-shaped ramparts, its arcades and small terraces will soothe the hurried visitor.

Nicknamed the "Village of the Walls", Milhars can be seen through the Ravelin Gate or the High Gate. Its feudal castle, restored in 1630 and set on a hilltop, and its dovecotes are not open to the public. But nothing prevents the walker from observing them with a keen eye from the outside.

Around Milhars

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