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Domaine des Vergnades à Cadalen
Domaine des Vergnades à Cadalen
Portraits of passionate people

A characterful interview at Domaine Vergnades

At the foot of a 19th century dovecote, Séverin Blanc awaits us at the Domaine des Vergnades cellar so we can discover and appreciate his varied range of Gaillac appellation wine. On the family estate since 2017, and in his twenties, he is the 6th generation of winegrowers to work the fruit of the vines on this Tarn land.

Much more than a history of the land

As the great-grandson, grandson and son of a winegrower, you might say that Séverin has it in his blood! Walking between the rows of vines, grabbing a bunch of grapes, trying one or two before harvest time, smelling the wines being vinified, all this has been part of his daily life since a very young age.

Séverin Blanc, winegrower

I have never considered any profession other than that of winegrower, it has always seemed natural to me since childhood. Both my parents were already working in the vineyard, and now all three of us work together.

When conviviality and expertise come together... 

Like many of his counterparts, this winegrower has a taste for sharing and for tradition. He likes to welcome wine lovers, oenophiles or simply the curious, to help them discover his daily life and his world, to the rhythm of the seasons and sometimes to the melodies that enliven the tastings.

Every summer, the estate is transformed into a festive place where aperitif-concerts are organised and bring together a large number of avid epicureans. If you have the "Pass Vigneron", push open the doors of the estate and come and meet us at any time of the year!

Just one vintage away...

The vines on the estate have developed over the generations, giving rise to a range of Gaillac grape varieties being cultivated on these lands. Yet, when you look at them, you might almost think that they have always been there. “Here, we are in the Graves, the soils are mostly on gravel. Our oldest vines are aged between 40 and 45 years old, and the lifespan of a vine can go up to 60 or 70 years, depending on what you do with it.”

Each area has its particularity, which makes it different from any other terroir. “On the estate, we have a terroir that has mostly red grapes, with 55 ha of vines, and then 44 ha of white grapes. The Gaillac grape varieties that we work with are, for red wines, braucol, duras, typical of the appellation, and for white wines, len-de-l’el, prunelard and mauzac.” When you taste the wine in the estate's cellar, you will discover the smoothness, roundness and age of the wine, which resonates with the work of time in symbiosis with that of the winemaker.

An exchange of goodwill with Mother Nature

Working among nature, and seeing it change accoridng to the seasons requires much attention, as Séverin understands and gives as much as possible.

During the winter, we sow beans and plants among the rows of vines to bring in a little nitrogen and green waste, to create natural fertiliser. We have the High Environmental Value label, which means that we adopt measures that are favourable to the environment and biodiversity.

To do at Domaine Vergnades

After visiting the estate and enjoying a pleasurable moment there, the rural interlude continues around the estate's lake where there is a shady and well-equipped camper-van area. Why not set up here in the summer to enjoy the quiet and meet people at the guinguette (snack bar) during a barbecue evening? All this while chatting about the wonderful finds made in the estate's shop where the winemaker will help you discover and try a variety of his wines, according to your taste.

Interview with Séverin, a young passionate winegrower

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Vignerons au Domaine des Vergnades à Cadalen
Vignerons au Domaine des Vergnades à Cadalen
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