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Village de Castelnau de Montmiral
Village de Castelnau de Montmiral
For groups

Our reday-made stays

Are you planning a group trip to the Tarn? To plan your day trips or multi-day tours without headachs, we have ready-made packages for you. Nestled in the north-west of the Tarn, Occitan Tuscany is a mosaic of landscapes, architectural nuggets and know-how to discover. Comme visit us !

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Vue aérienne de Lisle sur Tarn
Vue aérienne de Lisle sur Tarn
Tours and heritage

Travelling through history

Do you prefer red brick or white stone? Here, you can stroll along the steep streets of the hilltop towns of Cordes sur Ciel, Castelnau-de-Montmiral, Puycelsi or Penne, or stroll in the shade of the corbels of the plain towns of Gaillac, Lisle-sur-Tarn and Rabastens. Often built for defence, trade, or both, their architecture is nowadays the visible witness of their thousand-year-old history. Don't be fooled by their peaceful and colourful atmosphere. Between squares and alleys, your guide it is a tumultuous story your guide will tell you about!

Heritage trips

A gourmet's paradise

Enjoy our local food

To see the architectural details and enjoy the views from the heights, you have to walk. One, two, three kilometres on foot wears out your shoes... and it makes one hungry! After a few hours, a break is welcome. You can take advantage of this to meet producers as passionate as they are fascinating. They will let you taste their specialities before you sit down around a good table with 100% local cuisine. Moreover, if wine remains the flagship product in the Gaillacois, no doubt olive oil, truffles and chocolate will also whet your appetite.

Gourmet trips

Balade à vélo, Station Bee's, Gaillac
Balade à vélo, Station Bee's, Gaillac
Fresh air and know how

Let yourself be surprised

Stone and brick are beautiful! It lasts a long time and somewhere in the limestone or clay the voices of passers-by from a thousand years ago may be heard. It's beautiful, but that's not all! Occitan Tuscany conceals many other treasures. Come on, let's cover up, put on our k-way or our sun cream and let’s go to meet them in the open air! On foot or by bike to explore the paths of the hills and valleys, and with your feet in the grass to discover the shimmering flora of the Jardin des Martels. In Giroussens and Graulhet, you can roll up your sleeves and dive into the know-how that potters and leatherworkers are happy to share.

Discovery trips

School trips

Stays and activities for school groups or leisure centres. With nature, culture and activities, children and teenagers will never be bored.

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séjours scolaires enfants dans le Tarn
séjours scolaires enfants dans le Tarn

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