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la forêt de Grésigne dans le Tarn
la forêt de Grésigne dans le Tarn

Listen to the deer rutting in the Forêt de Grésigne

The Forêt de Grésigne is the largest oak forest in the Midi-Pyrénées, an enchanted place and a haven for glassblowers, it also is home to exceptional wildlife, which is magical to hear.

Listen out for the bellow of the stag: the mating season begins in the Forêt de Grésigne


In early autumn, the "Princes of the Forest", both majestic and imposing, offer a memorable sight: it's deer rutting time. The sign of this is the sound that formalises the mating season and thus the meeting between the stags and the hinds. 

Listen carefully on the edge of the Forêt de Grésigne, the powerful echoes of the males resound, inviting you to discover. A unique adventure to experience in the undergrowth of a nature reserve that is more than 3,000 hectares.

This very particular cry that the males utter is used to demonstrate their strength and virility to the females, provoking powerful and impressive confrontations. From mid-September to mid-October is the best time to go and observe their courtship in this natural environment.

Every year in September and October, La Ferme Auberge les Chênes in Larroque organises deer rutting evenings followed by a meal to enjoy this unique experience.

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