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Coucher de soleil sur les remparts de Puycelsi
Coucher de soleil sur les remparts de Puycelsi

Admire the sunset from the top of Puycelsi

Whatever the season, when the sun disappears over the horizon, the Tarn countryside offers a magical sight. In a village whose appearance has changed very little across the centuries, serenity will gradually win you over.


Enjoy the magic of the sunset from Puycelsi's esplanade at the golden hour

From the top of a rocky plateau overlooking the Vallée de la Vère the so-called “fortress of the woods” stands guard over the enchanted forest of Grésigne. Like a clock going back in time, Puycelsi is both enduring and other-worldly. 

As you stroll through the narrow streets of one of the Most Beautiful Villages in France, among the 14th- and 15th-century wooden houses you'll discover some unmissable craft shops. One of them is Atelier Aloussa where you can admire the artist at work creating pretty objects in glazed porcelain, and you'll also find the Oppidum soap maker offering products that are 100% natural and organic.

At the golden hour, take the wall-walk inside the ramparts leading to the esplanade to admire one of the most stunning sunsets in the Tarn, with a view over the Forêt de Grésigne, the largest oak forest in the south of France.

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