Planétarium Tarn
Planétarium Tarn

Stargazing Observatory

Very close to Rabastens, one of the largest amateur telescopes in France allows you to observe the wonders of the night sky during autumn evenings: planets, the moon, stars, nebulae... This is where the magic happens.

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Observatoire d'astronomie Tarn
Observatoire d'astronomie Tarn

Make a wish at the sight of a shooting star from the Saint-Caprais observatory

With stars in your eyes, you'll discover constellations with a laser, and learn how to use a telescope, while escaping into space and time.

It was a farmer who built this telescope, piece by piece. And when he isn't working the land, he looks at the sky. He now welcomes those who share his passion for the stars and those who are simply curious about astronomy.

Looking intently through the telescope, some people will see a thin crescent moon, and deep sky objects such as galaxies, others will recognise the rings of Saturn and its Galilean satellites.

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