apéro en gabarre sur le Tarn
apéro en gabarre sur le Tarn

Sail with friends to Albi on the Tarn

Glide on the water and satisfy your desire to escape, while contemplating the unspoilt banks of the Tarn where herons, kingfishers, bee-eaters and other birds will provide a spectacle as you sail to the episcopal city of Albi.

Enjoy a boat trip on the Tarn in a gabarre, combined with a visit to Albi, all in one day

Nature lovers, sailors for a day, cast off aboard a traditional gabarre boat to sail to new horizons. 

Soothed by the coolness of the banks of the Tarn, share a moment of pure happiness on the meanders, before discovering the highlight of the trip: the majestic view of Albi's Sainte-Cécile Cathedral

You may come across other adventurers waving at you, enthusiastic cyclists, or dragonflies taking advantage of the transport to land a little further on. Around these calm waters, green landscapes will immerse you in a soft and relaxing atmosphere... That's what slow living is all about!

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