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Balade en famille, forêt du Tarn
Balade en famille, forêt du Tarn

Discover the Forêt de Sivens in slow mode

In Lisle-sur-Tarn, the Forêt de Sivens is such a peaceful place to spend time with your family, surrounded by the wilderness.

A family picnic in the Forêt de Sivens and a siesta to the sound of nesting birdsong

Make the most of the serenity that reigns here where you need only think about one thing: the present moment. Children and parents come together in the cool shade of the beech trees to enjoy a picnic prepared with love.

One of the Department's sensitive natural areas, the Massif de Sivens is home to diverse flora and fauna where oaks, chestnuts, hornbeams and conifers stand side by side and invite you to sit at their feet.

Close your eyes, clear your head. The sounds around you will lull you and remind you how good it feels to be so close to nature. Enjoy the daydreams and gentle thoughts that come to mind during this sweet interlude. 

Top tip: Sivens "Los Festaïres"
In June, enjoy a day in the heart of the Forêt de Sivens to taste delicious products at the gourmet market, participate in a mountain bike ride and enjoy a range of entertainment, followed by a concert.

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