Pascale Walter
atelier créatif enfants, archéosite de Montans
atelier créatif enfants, archéosite de Montans

Discover crafts during a family workshop

The happy-list of the day: spending time with the children! Here's a little selection of workshops to enjoy together that will delight young and old alike!

Experience a workshop with your children to discover heritage and local crafts

At the Archéosite de Montans, budding archaeologists will be very proud of their creation that they can take home with them, much to their delight. It must be said that making an oil lamp, designing a fresco or a piece of jewellery inspired by Antiquity, is an original activity!

Chocolate: we love it in all its forms, and it's a favourite with most children, even when they grow up! Chocolate is life! At the Musée Art of Chocolat in Lisle-sur-Tarn, it is possible to make chocolate figurines with a master chocolatier, while discovering the magical world of chocolate.

Because your kids will never miss an opportunity to imagine they are knights and princesses, take them to the Forteresse de Penne. There, they can try egg painting and create medieval illuminations as they were done at the time with natural pigments. Another option is to master the pen, learning calligraphy on parchment to write beautiful letters to their parents.

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