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D'Escalade en Aventures
Rock climbing site, Via ferrata, Zip line, Climbing site

D’Escalade en Aventures

The pleasure of climbing, of putting your body in motion Climbing, via ferrata, cliff courses, tree climbing and events Sensations and landscapes.. Discover, progress. Supervision inspired by new teaching methods.

In complete safety and at your own pace.
Experienced, state-certified professional instructor.
Individuals, families or groups...
Sessions can be adapted for people with motor, hearing, visual or mental disabilities.
My favourite practice sites are the cliffs of the Aveyron gorges at Penne and St Antonin Noble Val and the Roc du Gorb cliff at Bor et Bar (depending on the time of year, we practice on cliffs in the sun or shade). I also travel to events to offer tree-climbing activities or sensational workshops (giant zip line, abseiling, etc.).

  • French


All year round.


A partir de 40 € par personne.
Tarif groupe pour les centres de vacances, scolaires, ...

D’Escalade en Aventures
1 Chemin du Stade 81170 Mouzieys-Panens
06 71 71 76 86

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