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ABC d’Air montgolfières

The association "ABC d'Air" located at the foot of the medieval city of Cordoba offers you to take a flight on board one of its hot air balloons and discover the Cordoba region, its heritage and its surroundings!

The most common way to discover the sensations of a hot-air balloon flight is to fly in one...
How does it work?
We meet you at one of our take-off bases. You will assist in the preparation and inflation of the balloon. You climb aboard and off you go for an hour's silent flight (apart from the intermittent burner). You land, and depending on the wind on the ground, it's more or less bumpy! The ground crew and your friends who have followed join us, the balloon is put away and finally... it's time to celebrate your first flight with a well-deserved snack.
Duration 3 hours including 1 hour of flight.

  • Occitan, French
  • Check, Travellers Cheque, Cash

Further information


Parking nearby


  • Booking obligatory
  • Available for private hire


From 01/04 to 31/10, daily.

From 01/11 to 31/03, every Saturday and Sunday.


Prices not available.

ABC d’Air montgolfières
582 chemin de La Bistoul 81170 Saint-Marcel-Campes
06 83 06 16 56

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